Our Board of Directors

From left to right: Amanda, Mike, Brian, Paul, Heidar, Alan, Linde, Hasan, Linda, Kristin, Phil, Jerry, Michelle 

About Us


We are Tree Northeast, a group of community volunteers that work to restore tree cover in Northeast Philadelphia. We have been trained by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to plant and care for our neighborhood trees. 

Our Mission

Our mission is not only to increase the public's awareness of trees but also to provide the means necessary to plant trees in the homes of the neighborhoods we serve.

Planting and caring for trees are important steps towards improving the health of our local communities, as well as our planet.

Why plant trees?

Trees are amazingly versatile. They give off oxygen; help to save energy by shading our homes from the sun and sheltering them from the wind. They raise real estate values, provide homes for birds and animals, prevent soil erosion, control storm water runoff and help to cool the planet. Trees help to offset Global Warming or "The Greenhouse Effect" by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing cooling moisture into the air. With global temperatures steadily on the rise, trees are friends we can't live without.